Our mission is to unlock the great reader in every child. To live that mission, we develop research-based PK-8+ digital literacy tools that leverage students’ unique characteristics to help them master the foundational reading skills needed to become strong, confident readers.

We envision an education system where all students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and beliefs necessary to be readers, enabling them to advocate for themselves, their families, and their communities and lead lives of limitless opportunity.

Our Approach

We know that students need research-based instruction in foundational reading skills like phonics in order to become successful readers. While the energy around the science of reading is rightly bringing this reality into focus, there is still more to learn. How does a learner's home language support literacy development? Do they believe in their ability to be a good reader? How do dialectical differences among learners affect their ability to connect sounds to written language? Magpie is leading a research agenda that puts the most up-to-date findings in to practice.

Learning to read is an undertaking that requires instruction rooted not just in the science of reading, but also in a deep understanding of learners as unique individuals.

In order to dramatically improve reading proficiency across the country, we pursue an inclusive approach that leverages both quality research and the direct input and voice of our students and their families. In order to truly design solutions that improve outcomes, we must place students and communities at the center of this work and co-design with them.

Our Leadership

We are a team of educators, researchers, and product developers on a mission to unlock the great reader in every child through research-based digital reading tools.

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